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Scheduling your surgery

  • If our surgeon decides you or your child need a surgical procedure, our office will help set it up and guide you through the process.

  • Dr. Wadie does surgeries at three main locations:

    • Capital City Surgery Center in Raleigh.

    • UNC Rex Hospital in Raleigh.

    • WakeMed Hospital Raleigh Campus.

  • This gives patients and families several options to choose from based on their location and insurance.

  • All these locations have very experienced anesthesiologists and the highest standard of surgical equipment to take care of you and your child in the safest way.

  • The choice of where the surgery will be done depends on several things:

    • Your personal preference.

    • Whether the surgery center takes your insurance plan or not.

    • The age of the patient.

    • The type of the procedure and its complexity.

    • Whether an overnight stay in the hospital is needed.

    • The availability of OR time on the day chosen.

  • Our surgeon will give you advise on the best option and we will help you schedule the surgery.

  • Sometimes we are not be able to schedule the surgery the same day of your office visit in order to obtain insurance authorization. In this case, we will call you with the final date and location of surgery few days after your office visit.

  • Our team will try to accommodate your requests but sometimes we are limited by the availability of the OR and the insurance carriers.

  • Below we will give you some information regarding each of these locations with links to get you well prepared for your child surgery.

Capital City Surgery Center (CCSS):

  • Capital City Surgery Center is an outpatient surgery center in Raleigh.

  • Only day-surgery cases that require no hospital admission will be done there.

  • If your surgery is at CCSS you need to register and fill your medical history online using their MEDICAL PASSPORT link.

  • Make sure to write down your username and password for future use.

  • For directions: Directions to CCSS

  • Website:

UNC Rex Hospital:




  • UNC Rex Hospital is located in Raleigh.

  • Patients who might need an overnight stay can be done at Rex.

  • To prepare your child and yourself to visit Rex, the hospital has a very nice page on their website where you can find useful information regarding registration, preauthorization, pre-surgical testing and what to bring.

  • You can also download the pre-surgery information packet from the website. This has useful information regarding eating and drinking before surgery and a map of the Rex campus,


Capital City Surgery Center

23 Sunnybrook Rd

Suite 100

Raleigh, NC 27610




UNC Rex Hospital

4420 Lake Boone Trail

Raleigh, NC 27607


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