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Making Your Health First Priority

  • At our Pilonidal center, our mission is simple - to provide the best care for your condition.

  • Our pilonidal center is the only specialized center in the Southeast region of the country that offers a comprehensive management of pilonidal disease.

  • We have over 13 years of experience in managing all aspects of pilonidal disease ranging from minimal disease to patients who had 7 failed surgeries prior to  coming to us. In fact, we currently treat about 60% redo cases and 40% new cases.

  • We offer our comprehensive care to all age groups including adults and children.

  • We offer a unique system for patients coming from out of town/state that allows them to have the office visit and surgery in the same visit spending one night in Raleigh. Often times, patients do not need to come back for a follow up visit and can arrange for a telemedicine visit.

  • Our success rate with the cleft lift procedure is 99% which is better than results published in the literature.

  • We accept almost all insurance plans and will work with your carrier to ensure the procedure gets covered.

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