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We strive to make the decision to proceed with surgery and your whole experience as easy as possible. For this reason, Dr. Wadie developed a unique system specifically geared for those who have to travel to have their surgery done.

We can provide you with recommendations regarding accommodations close to our surgery center. Typically you will need to spend a night in town prior to surgery unless you have a short drive to Raleigh and your case is scheduled later during the day.

Some patients feel more comfortable spending the night after surgery or more nights before going back home. Although this is not necessary in most cases, we will support whatever decision that makes you more comfortable. We are not contracted with any of the hotels in the area and the final choice is ultimately yours.

  1. Preoperative consultation:

  • You should start by emailing recent pictures of your wound/gluteal area with your name, age and address to our secure email:

  • Once Dr. Wadie reviews the pictures and makes the decision that you are a candidate for surgery or a consultation, we will instruct you regarding further steps but in general will need you to email us a copy (front and back) of your insurance card, any operative notes or office visits, any medications you take, any medical condition you have and a filled New patient referral form. Email these to our email: This information will help us decide whether insurance will cover the procedure and which surgery center to schedule it at as well as obtain anesthesia clearance.

  • For patients who live in the state of North Carolina but outside the triangle area: most insurance companies will cover a Telemedicine (video) visit with Dr. Wadie if this is what you want. Just click on “Schedule a Telemedicine Visit” on our homepage. This will save you the trouble of traveling to be seen prior to surgery. However, in some cases, due to limitations of video visits, it will be difficult to determine the extent of your disease and hence decide what type of surgery to be done.  In this case, Dr. Wadie might ask you to come to the office to be seen in person prior to surgery. You can always opt for an in person visit by clicking "Schedule Appointment" on our home page. Most times this can be done the day before surgery so you can spend only one night in Raleigh and go back to your home town the day of surgery.

  • For patients from out of state: Unfortunately, the law in North Carolina does not allow us to do Telemedicine visits for patients from out of state unless the visit is conducted from a physician office. For this reason, a video visit cannot be done and Dr. Wadie has to see you in person in the office prior to surgery. Just click on the “Schedule Appointment” on our homepage. Most times this visit can be done the day before surgery so you can spend only one night in Raleigh and go back to your home town the day of surgery. Dr. Wadie had been performing the cleft lift procedure on several patients from out of state and this system has proven to be safe and convenient for most patients. As mentioned, you can go back home the same day of surgery either by flight or private car. However, if you prefer to spend an extra night, this is absolutely fine. To start the process of insurance approval for surgery, Dr. Wadie will call you and document this as a phone note to submit for insurance.

2. What to bring for surgery:

  • Tylenol, ibuprofen, or your favorite over the counter analgesic. You will get a prescription for something stronger, but you may find that these over the counter analgesics are all that is needed, or you may want to combine them with the prescription analgesic.

  • A cushion if you have been finding one to be helpful when you sit.

  • Loose clothing and sleepwear.

  • Any medications you take on a regular basis.

  • Your Multivitamins.

  • Your insurance cards and photo ID.

  • Face masks and hand sanitizer for you and your traveling companions.

3. The day of surgery:

  • You will meet with Dr. Wadie before surgery and he will go over the operative details.

  • You will get two prescriptions: One for a narcotic pain medicine and the other is for a broad spectrum antibiotic (Augmentin). These are to be filled by your companion from a pharmacy close to our surgery center while you are in surgery. This way if needed on the road they are readily available.

  • You will get clear instructions on how to empty the drain, record the amount and remove the drain in 7 days after surgery. The drain can come out when drainage is less than 15 ml/day with clear/clearing drainage. Please watch our video. This is a very simple procedure that anybody, even with no medical background, can do easily. You need any scissors and an alcohol wipe. This is the time to remove the whole dressing covering the incision and expose the drain to be removed. Cover the site the drain with 2 pieces of gauze as there will be some minor bleeding. Please check the video at the bottom of this page for help. We have been doing this with patients and families from out of state for over 4 years now with no issues at all.

  • You can go back home the same day if you opt to:

    1. If Flying, make sure to lay down on the pillow you brought and you can sit sideways to avoid kinking the drain. If you have a long flight, it is preferable to spend at least one extra night in the Raleigh area. 

    2. If traveling by car, it is preferable to lay down on the back seat on your side to avoid kinking the drain.

4.  After surgery:

  • Follow the same instructions outlined in the section “what to expect after surgery”.

  • Most patients are able to remove the drain at home 7 days after surgery. The drainage should be less than 15 ml/day and clearing/clear. You can always email Dr. Wadie and ask if it is time to remove the drain. Here is a video that shows you how to remove the drain and paint the wound with Betadine when it is time to do so.

  • After you remove the drain on day 7, take a picture of the area with the steri strips in place and email it to Dr. Wadie at

  • No need for a follow up visit and if everything goes well and the steri strips fall off after 2 weeks, you can take a picture of the wound and email it to us at info@pilonidal If Dr. Wadie needs to see you, he will let you know.

For patients from out of state: Text
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